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Sharon Weil

Sharon Weil has been teaching people to be fluid, strong and adaptive to change for 20 years. She is a senior Continuum and Jungle Gym teacher at the Santa Monica Continuum Studio, the worldwide headquarters for Continuum, and has been practicing in close association with Susan Harper and Continuum founder, Emilie Conrad for over 25 years. Her work with Conrad includes many collaborations that present Continuum to the public; writing, videos, and teacher training.  Most recently she conducted an interview with Emilie for Commonweal’s New School Audio Series.


She has been with the Jungle Gym, the fitness and strengthening program of Continuum, since it's inception, contributing to its development by training both students and teachers. She has developed The Ageless Body ® from the principles of the Jungle Gym as a way to help the ever-growing group of baby boomers and beyond maintain or regain their fluid strength and youthfulness even as they feel the limitations that appear with age.


Her love of movement has provided her with an extensive background in various dance forms, Pilates, Yoga, swimming and exercise. Sharon is a writer, director, performer and mother - and brings a sense of creative play to all her teaching.

"Sharon offers very practical, down to earth suggestions that with practice can help to transform on all levels.  I’ve regained flexibility both in mind and in body.”

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