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The Fluid Movement of Change

Change, whether internal or external, personal or public, could be said to move like a river: sometimes churning like surging rapids, sometimes flowing or meandering, and at other times, damned up in a stagnant pool.  Change is moving all the time, expressing itself in our health, aging, relationships, lifestyles, environment, and how we relate to the natural world...

The Ageless Body:

Anti-Aging, Fitness & Continuum

Most people believe that aging is a downward slide towards decrepitude, and there is no coming back.

 As a culture, we are captured in a collective trance that sees aging as a process of inevitable decline in vigor, mobility, interaction and worth. We accept a model for aging that does not include the idea of renewal... 

ChangeAbility Articles:

Learning to Navigate Change

Essays on how to develop a flexible response to change, what inspires change, letting yourself be led by play and pleasure, shifting your supports, and much more...

Sharon Weil in conversation with Emilie Conrad

Sharon Weil speaks with somatic pioneer Emilie Conrad about Movement and Creativity, Continuum and Writing, and Eros 

 and Inspiration.

BioDiversity Somatic Summit

Interview with Teri Carter.

Passing 4 Normal Podcast:

Conversations with Artists, Activists and Awakeners about Seeding Change in the World

Past guests include Susan Harper, Camille Maurine, Robert Litman, Fred Sugerman and many more. 

Listen free on iTunes, SoundCloud, or wherever you get your podcasts.


and Other Books by Sharon Weil

Sharon Weil is the author of ChangeAbility: How Artists, Activists and Awakeners Navigate Change; The ChangeAbility Playbook: How to Navigate Your Own Change; and Donny and Ursula Save the World. For more information, visit Sharon's author website at

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