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About the Work

As humans, we are primarily fluid beings—approximately 75% water—and it is the fluids within our bodies that are the primary agent of change.  As we age, or simply live within the stresses of our world, there is a loss of fluidity and circulation in the tissues of the body, and a loss of activation within the fluids themselves—which is why people may no longer feel their youthful glow, and instead feel tired, achy, stiff, or depressed.

Beginning as early as our 30's, aging, trauma and stress reveal themselves in stiff joints, loss of bone health, increased injury, and a diminished responsiveness in the entire system. These symptoms show up in the connective tissue of the body, caused by excessive compression from repetitive movement, stress and years of life in gravity, 

People who practice The Ageless Body® are younger than their years because their tissue is very much alive from the heightened level of fluid interaction. They feel highly adaptive and resilient, energized and buoyant.

The Ageless Body® classes, workshops and private lessons combine breath work with movements that are common motifs of nature; spirals, waves, undulations.  By taking on these movements we align ourselves with the natural world in a way that not only assists unwinding the constraints of the body, but places us in a felt resonance with the larger, fluid world—working to restore the active fluids within the body, which is the key to all thriving. 

The Ageless Body® Class or Workshop

The Ageless Body ® practice is highly restorative because, even within a larger class, each individual begins exactly where they are, vital or weakened, and then slowly, gently, incrementally builds from there. 

A class begins with a teaching premise; bone health, building vitality, sensual awakening…  The teacher will talk about the premise with the class to provide an understanding of the territory we will be entering with the movement, i.e., Why are we doing this? 


Next, the teacher will demonstrate several simple breaths and movements that will be done together as a sequence, at the student’s own pace. The  students, then,  will have a chance to practice as they learn, before they begin the sequence itself.  There is no right or wrong way to do these movements, however the teacher may offer some suggested adjustments to help the student derive the greatest advantage from the exercise.

Before they begin, students take an internal assessment of the sensations of their inner landscape, or “open attention” as we call it.  This will become their baseline to refer to as they progress through the sequence and feel changes occur in their bodies as a result.

At the end of class, we come together in discussion again, to talk about what has occurred, to find meaning in the experience, and to clarify any questions.

The Ageless Body ®, as well as Continuum, is cumulative work; that is, the benefit increases over time. We explore a dynamic range of rhythms and textures, moving from slow and internal, to quickened and expressive.  In this way we challenge ourselves to become adaptive to any circumstance, and keep expanding beyond our settled habits and patterns. 

Classes are generally taught on a weekly basis.  Workshops take place over a longer period of time to allow a deeper immersion into the movement. 

“As a doctor, I work with healing and I must encounter pain in a way that allows it to transform and become new energy. To be effective and keep myself healthy, it is essential to have ways to both be present and to release the contact [with the clients]. Sharon Weil’s class is a direct path towards presence and release. She guides her students with wisdom and acceptance.“



The Ageless Body® Private Sessions

Taught on an individual basis either in person, or on Skype, a private session allows for a more intimate and personally directed exploration of the particular needs of that individual.  


We begin with an inquiry as to what is needed.  Going into “open attention” the client will then report the awareness of their sensations, and that becomes the starting place from which the design for unwinding will be based.  

What follows is a journey through breath and movement that will be unique, and often spontaneous. 


Most individuals recovering from injury, or dealing with chronic issues benefit best from

private work. 

Sessions run 1 ½ hours, and include personal follow-up.

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